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Weekly Roundup – Jan. 12, 2014 to Jan. 25, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014 – Saturday, January 25, 2014

The weekly roundup offers a convenient summary of this week’s happenings in Media Democracy news. You may also keep up to date every day by following our Twitter account @MediaDemocDay and our Facebook group at

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fox-news-gop-logoCNN Boss Jeff Zucker Calls Out Fox News As a Front For the Republican Party

Jeff Zucker said that Fox News is a front for the GOP and that the Republican Party is being run out of Fox.

From the article: “Jeff Zucker took the opportunity presented by the upcoming release of Richard Sherman’s biography of Roger Ailes to unload on Fox News, ‘Clearly all I can say at this point, without having read it, is from what I understand it confirms, basically, what we’ve known all along, which is that the Republican Party is being run out of News Corp headquarters, masquerading as a cable channel.'”

SAVING MR. BANKS“Saving Mr. Banks” Erases P.L. Travers’ Queer Identity, Misses Amazing Opportunity for Representation

Emma Thompson’s portrayal of writer Pamela Travers excludes any mention of Travers’ queer identity. Thompson states that the film is about Travers as an artist, not as a person.

From the article: “In my mind, to fail at LGBT inclusion in fiction is to have a failure of imagination, a lazy lack of understanding concerning the world outside of one’s self. To intentionally choose to tell a story about a real LGBT person and then exclude their queer identity is a failure on an entirely different level. It’s perverse. It doesn’t matter whether the intent was malicious or not; the damage is still done.

While I don’t think that Emma Thompson meant any ill will to LGBT people by her remarks or participation in the film, the end result is yet another piece of work upholding heteronormativity and contributing to queer erasure. It may be too late to fix this one (as Disney told Travers at the Mary Poppins premiere: “the ship has sailed”), but it’s never too late to get the message out for next time.”



How Quickly We Forget: The Duration of Persuasion Effects From Mass Communication

Recent studies allow researchers to explore the short and long-term effects of advertising on candidate preference and whether or not this translated into political action.

From the article: “The authors note that the findings could have a number of practical implications. The short duration of persuasion effects implies a ‘limit on the power of money to buy indefinitely large numbers of votes,’ which some could find positive, especially given the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. However, the results could also be seen in a more troubling light: ‘Political amnesia extends to other political messages that voters would do well to retain.'”


egypt-flag550 News Outlets Urge Egypt to Release Journalists

Democracy Now! reports the story on their news video.

From the article: “The vote on a new constitution comes as 50 news outlets are calling on Egypt to release at least eight detained journalists, including three from Al Jazeera. Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste were all detained in late December. On Monday, a group of journalists released a statement saying the arrests had ‘cast a cloud over press and media freedom in Egypt.’ Among the signers were Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Abdel Kouddous and CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.”


FB&Twitter-1-1-522x293China Defends Blocking Some Western Websites

Twitter and Facebook are both unavailable inside China because of their ability, as the UK ambassador put it, to “spread rumours”.

From the video: “Speaking to Sky’s Jeff Randall, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said the websites of the New York Times, Bloomberg, Facebook and Twitter would remain blocked because ‘they have to fall in the law of China and they have to serve the interests of the people’.”

“Are you really saying that you want propaganda rather than the truth?” Randall asked the ambassador.

“No. That’s not true. We are looking for truth,” the ambassador replied.

“We manage the media according to the law. The important thing is that the media, whether it’s foreign or Chinese, they have to fall in the law of China and they have to serve the interests of the people.'”


11988797483_c58d5a292f_bHow Vintage Ads Sold Women on Shame

Cynthia Petrovic discusses her vintage ad collections and recounts a history of how ads made women feel shameful as a method of selling their products.

From the article: “The Do I Offend? blog chronicles such vintage body-shaming advertisements geared toward women, and the baffling shifts from one feminine ideal to the next. Cynthia Petrovic, a Southern California artist known as RedTango who designs and sells a retro-themed gift line, got hooked on these advertisements when she was in college. Now, she has a garage full of antique and vintage magazines, which she’s been slowly poring over for the most sexist (and funniest) ads targeting women. We talked to Petrovic about her collection and what she’s learned about how the ad men on Madison Avenue have gotten rich selling women shame.”


Ron-Charlie-videoEnbridge Northern Gateway Undermining Democratic Process in Burns Lake Band, Critics say

Burns Lake Band councillor Ronald Charlie expresses his anger over being left out of the discussions concerning the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

From the article: “‘The whole community is being left out in the dark, including me,’ he said.

No one has heard what was discussed between former chief Albert Gerow and a handful of his trusted colleagues, for instance, he said.

‘I’ve never seen the Enbridge agreements, and that’s not from a lack of trying. I’ve sent emails and even made legal requests through our lawyer, saying we want to know, because our Chief and Council are not telling the community. They’ve never told me who they’re meeting, where they’re going or what’s being promised on behalf of the band.'”


Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.01.09 PMMSNBC Interrupts Congresswoman for ‘Breaking News’ Report on Justin Beiber

MSNBC Anchor interrupts US Congresswoman talking ‘NSA’ for “breaking news” concerning Justin Bieber in court.

Click  here to view the Youtube clip!

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