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Media Democracy Day: Solutions Media

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Video by: Rama Luksiarto

Posted by Media Democracy Project Vancouver on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Thank you for joining us for our 17th annual free public conference!

Using the power of media and technology to advance social change, we see Vancouver and its region as a hotbed of Solutions Media makers. This year at Media Democracy Day, leading thinkers in this new space of communication, from videographers to coders, shareed their perspective its meaning and potential.




Since 2001, our annual conference, Media Democracy Days (MDD), has become the signature event for alternative, independent, and democratic media in Canada. MDD has since expanded into a multi-day event presented by the School of Communication at SFU, and the Vancouver Public Library.

  • When: November 18th, 10am – 6pm
  • Where: Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch
  • Partners: SFU School of Communication, SFU Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT), Vancouver Public Library, Gen Why Media, Graham Spry Fund, Vancouver Design Nerds
  • RSVP: Check out the Facebook Event to see who’s coming and register on Eventbrite here.


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Our dynamic program included:

  • The Spry Memorial Keynote Exchange offers a critical reflection on Solutions Media between between Darin Barney, Grierson Chair in Communication Studies at McGill University, and Angela Sterritt, an award-wining Gitxsan journalist for the CBC.


  • Solutions Media Showcase highlights local examples of solutions media including Kai Nagata experience with “Banning Big Money in Politics,” and “The ReMatriate Collective,” who are using online visual arts to honour and empower Indigenous womxn.


  • Roundtables and workshops explore themes like “How can the media sector better share power with underrepresented or misrepresented communities” and “Citizen Engagement Campaigns 101.”


  • The Design Jam invites participants to creatively brainstorm “What role can citizens play in solutions media?” We’ll have prizes for the winning team from Keela.

What is solutions media?

Solutions media uses communication tools to respond to social problems. It can take a diversity forms, including journalism, digital tools, cultural products or public campaigns.

Why does solutions media matter now?

The rise of fake news, divisive partisan politics, social media bubbles, and the growing insecurity created by climate change and income inequality often results in a media landscape dominated by depressing and dismal perspectives on the world. Many people tune out as the news often leaves us feeling powerless, anxious, and resentful. This disengagement hurts not only our democracy but the resilience of our communities. This event is a step towards re-thinking how media can be a tool to drive more effective citizenship, more accountable government and a more vibrant public sphere.

Why come to MDD 2017?

  • We are offering a conference that is free and open to the public: Solutions Media is worthy of close study and discussion both inside and outside universities. With the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University as the host of Media Democracy Day, we are creating an accessible space where students, practitioners and citizens can learn new skills and explore the keys ideas associated with Solutions Media.


  • We are creating a big tent: Solutions Media makers are a broad community. MDD will bring together videographers, coders, storytellers, designers, podcasters, writers, artists…anyone who lends their skills to documenting solutions and making them public.


  • We are connecting key players: Vancouver and its region are a hotbed of Solutions Media producers, including pioneers going back over a decade. MDD attendees will get a chance to encounter over a dozen such people and organizations.


  • We are creating a space to find hope: Solutions Media is a zone of hope in today’s dark media climate, focusing on facts, diverse experiences, and positive change.


  • We are building a community of practice: Solutions Media is experiencing an explosion due to the Internet and the new funding models it allows. MDD will provide a space to learn about those models and how they are succeeding.


  • We are facilitating deep thinking about change: Solutions Media is a twoword phrase loaded with fascinating questions about the role of media makers, ideology vs. pragmatism, power relations, theories of social change and more. At MDD, leading thinkers will share their perspectives on the meaning and potential of Solutions Media.


  • We are creating a fun space: This year’s MDD will be hosting a ‘design jam’ where attendees can work together to create a solution to a problem facing media makers, an interactive media-making art installation, a video gallery of media projects and a lightning round presentation of amazing solutions-orientated projects being produced in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

DOWNLOAD Full Program Guide