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Comedy for Killjoys

bell hooks said that “we cannot have a meaningful revolution without humour.” John Cleese said that “all humour is critical.” In the world where the trope of the humourless SJW exists, in what ways are local comedians using political and social material?

This Track will explore how humour is being utilized throughout the activist community.

We are especially interested in sessions that:

  • Are funny.
  • Use comedy to subvert oppressive stereotyping of marginalized communities.
  • Show how comedy can extend the reach of social justice ideas beyond the communities typically engaging in activism.
  • Use comedy to empower typically marginalized communities.
  • Use comedic forms like Improv, comics, memes or others to address political ideas.
  • Address the insider/outsider nature of comedy as an art form.
  • Work through the possibilities of comedy as a way to cope with the stresses of activism.
  • Challenge assumptions about indigeneity and colonial thought in comedy.

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