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2013 BC Election: The Missing News

May 3, 2013


With the mainstream press increasingly preoccupied with the election horserace, it’s often left up to independent and alternative media organizations to tell the real stories and cover the real issues. This is especially true in BC, where our corporate media landscape is one of the most highly concentrated in the country. Leading up to the provincial election in May 2013, our panelists were asked, “What can our province’s independent media outlets offer and what role will they play before the vote on May 14th?”


Gwen Barlee (Wilderness Committee)
Bob Hackett (SFU, Newswatch Canada)
Jarrah Hodge (
Andrew MacLeod (The Tyee)
Derrick O’Keefe (

This event was co-presented with and CJSF 90.1FM, and organized as a part of the CounterCulture Speaker Series run by the Media Democracy Project, the SFU School of Communication, and the SFU Institute for the Humanities.