In partnership with SFU's school of communication

Our Team

Media Democracy Days is a collaborative event supported by an ever changing collection of community partners, exhibitors, speakers, and volunteers. As an organization, we are based at the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, and work actively with our long-time coordinating partners at and our co-sponsors, the Vancouver Public Library.

Our steering committee is made up of:

Dr. Stuart Poyntz: Dr. Poyntz is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. His research interests include the relationship of children and youth with media, public sphere theory, with specific concern for the work of Hannah Arendt, and young people’s historical thinking, particularly in relation to digital media technologies. Dr. Poyntz works with Media Democracy Days as our Chair.
Dr. Robert Hackett: Dr. Hackett has taught at the SFU School of Communication since 1984. From 1993 to 2003, he co-directed NewsWatch Canada, a news media monitoring program based at SFU.Bob is on the editorial board of Journalism Studies. He has conducted numerous media interviews and public talks, written policy briefs, and has helped to found several community-based media action and education initiatives, including Media Democracy Day itself.
along with the indispensable help of…
Milena Droumeva Assistant Professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, Flick Harrison,  Matt Johnstone Administrative Director at Sole Food, Helena Krobath, Tara Mahoney Co-founder and Creative Director at Gen Why Media, and David Peddie

We are also supported by a team of hard-working staff:

Sydney Ball – Lead Coordinator

Rae Gillese Co-Coordinator