With total global revenue of $38 billion, Major League Baseball (MLB) is the second most profitable sports league in the world. There’s also particular interest for bettors from Canada with two-time World Series champions Toronto Bluejays being the sole team that has representation here at home.

Knowing how to read odds and deciphering betting trends can be a daunting task for even the most experienced bettors. Luckily, we’ve broken down all of these confusing elements into helpful guides that will take you through MLB’s best bets as well as where they’re available online with an overview of what it takes when placing your wager!

How MLB Odds Work

How MLB Odds Work

We break down how to read baseball odds. If you’re looking for the decimal format, which is the most common in Canada then our MLB betting calculator below will convert and display what your profits would be based on certain bets: American moneyline or fractional +1/-2 points; clear winner within ten frames.

MLB Best Bets & Betting Options

The way you can win at sports betting is by understanding what the best bets are for your specific situation. There’s nothing worse than placing a bet on an event that doesn’t have much value, so we’ll go through some examples of how to make better choices when it comes to time put money down!


The moneyline in baseball betting is a simple proposition: which team will win?

Toronto Blue Jays are the underdogs against Los Angeles Dodgers. The higher decimal odds make them favourites in this game at 2-to-1, but don’t count on any underdog success for your sports gambling penny ante bet!

Run line / Spreads

Sportsbooks know that betting on sports is a numbers game, so they handicap the more skilled team by requiring them to win by certain amounts in order for you to collect your bet.

If you believe that the Blue Jays will win by two points or more, then betting them at -1.5 is your best option because it means they had to cover the spread in order for their favourite status to remain intact!

One of the most common types of gambling, run lines are often used to find an underdog team or player who will beat another bookmaker’s odds. A 1-point spread means that you have access to 0 points from them and they’re given -1 point for their own game risk which gives us our total possible gain if things go well!

Prop Bets

Proposition bets include lots of different wagers and can be really lucrative.

Futures Bets

The game of baseball has always been a sport where anything can happen. That’s why the MLB futures odds are available throughout every season to see who will be eliminated from contention and looking unlikely for qualification/winning it all!

You can bet on anything from who will win the World Series to which team or player reaches base first.


To increase your odds of winning, you can customize bets to create an MLB parlay bet or accumulator.

Combining bets on two or more teams winning each of their games is when you can really cash in. But remember, if one of your selections lose then the whole bet goes down as well!

Live Betting

If you are looking for an exciting way to gamble, then MLB live betting is the perfect option. This function usually comes with most top-rated sportsbooks and can be found in its own separate section on these sites.

You can find more enticing odds when betting on a team that is behind. Betting outside of play allows you the opportunity to take advantage and go for broke, which might be your lucky day! You’ll also have access to different markets like who’ll win next at-bats or balls remaining in an over bowling session.

MLB Betting Tips

Betting on sports can be a fun and exciting way to gamble, but it’s important not only to know the rules of each sport before you start betting. For example, if your favourite team is playing against their most hated rivals in an elimination game with blind draws at both ends then there are some things that might help ensure victory!

Combining different bets can sometimes be even more profitable, so we suggest you give this a try.

We also recommend that you keep an eye out for new and regularly updated odds on your selected sites. You can check our MLB sportsbook reviews to find the best one suited specifically towards yourself, as these will be constantly changing depending upon a team’s performance (especially if they’re doing well or losing), fixtures like major games between teams etcetera.

You will quickly become accustomed to how these work once you give it a try!

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